September 17, 2010

What a lovely autumn sweater! 

September 15, 2010

Deeply in love with this fall look!  SOS call i must shop at ASOS

Sing it loud, sing it proud! Check out these nifty banners!

What a great cozy cottage!  I really love the idea of birth beds.  It gives the home an instant nautical feel. A feeling of being in a borough all nestled in and tucked away! Its so charming!

Morning sunshine!  This picture was taken by a friend back home in Vancouver a couple of days ago!  Something that has always defined this amazing place i call home is the vast body of water you look out on and the mountainous terrain painted across the horizon! Its such a stunning cityscape! 

YES! Finally Alexa Chungs collection for Madewell is here (they ship to canada, right?)! Get ready kids, its back to school time and the oxford shoes are tappin!  Im totally into the Iris blouse and Tennessee velvet dress! Danger danger!

Buttes back!  My beloved bike and i are reunited! After a little disassembly and vanishing i have put her back together she is looking better then ever! Fresh and fly its wonderful to be back riding around ! Take your bike for a spin, its well deserved!

September 03, 2010

Here is the beginning of a new month: September.  I adore this time of year because everything is in changing mode.  From the leaves on the trees, to the places we live and work... to what we start craving.  I for one am in a moving mindset.  In about a month i will be opening my next chapter and venturing to Europe.  After living in Montreal for some time i feel the need to naviage a new scene, adventure a foreign places... test out my new self.  Im excited for this but coming to the end of something is always sad.  I have grown a life here and met people.  Its all somewhat comfortable now.  I know the avenues and borrows, the cool cafes, the quite spots, the cheap places to buy produce... where to get film developed.  I have my life here... but it is not my home.  So onwards and upwards.  I thought of myself as a run away for a bit... like the kids in the kids film Peter Pan but then i can to realize im more of an adventurer.. i choose to live and laugh and love and play.  This is not running away this is the exploration, the fun part.  To the moon & back!

I need a trench coat!

September is here!