August 26, 2009

Something to make the mail man blush about! Here is a delightful duo that come together to create a wonderful company! Signed, sealed, delivered Im yours! Pants via post! Something a little more exciting to recieve in your mail box along with the bills and pizza coupons! Panties...HEllo!
This is SO COOL!

Fleurs d'Oranger

A dream! As if i landed in a pillowy bed of orange blossom, white jasmine and tuberose! I wake up every morning knowing i get to spray this on! Oh how delightful!

Fleurs d'Oranger
Eau de Parfum by Serge Lutens

boy. band of outsiders

Tommorow i am going to go to Finches Cafe for breakfast with my dear friend! She loves the rain as much as i do!.. I have a feeling its going to rain! Joy! Maybe we will go puddle jumping after eggs n toast! Shes brilliant! Maybe i should do a rain dance ... in hope for rain haha

HELLO! Guess whose coming to Vancouver September 16th!? CocoRosie! Such cool chicks! Get tickets!

Mystic Pizza

Oh i LOVE this movie! The other night i had a craving for corn flakes and this movie! Julia has amazing hips and hair in this movie! She's so fabulous! Its such a great flicK!


The Belle Game

Above and Beyond! I just visited the moon and came back stars dancing in my head! This fine evening i found myself at Cafe Deux Solie where this crazy good band was playing! The Belle Game! Andrea Lo, Adam Nanji and Alex Andrew played a brilliant set! Bravo my friends! Bettah then Buttah!

August 20, 2009

I love typography

August 19, 2009

Cy Twombly! Yes! Scribbled graffiti paintings! Oh there so inspiring! He's an amazing artist who i really ideal!

check out these cool cats! They live about there deli! Taylor what a brilliant name

local vancouver company!
(pepper and olive oil my fav.)

hummm.... so i have realized my routine. I bike, go to work,.... then after work i always venture through Holts and drewl... (then I go to winners and buy underwear haha). THis is what i found on my way to the perfume counter on my daily dose of holts. please note i never buy just window shop haha at $325 Alexander Mcqueen is out of the question for a coffee shop gal like myself.

I stole this picture! But i just thinks its so wicked! Love and adore the doc martin duo!

Oh its SO GOOD!

Half price beers at Six Acres!

When i think of six acres i think of soft lace and plaid clad folk sipping beers from europe! Its great! I love coming here after work and having a really great beer! Bonus tonight they are having an appreciation night! I had a brooklyn Pilsner last time LOVEd it!

There is something very charming and adoring about the tap of a type writer. My lap top doesn't have the same snap when a key is hit and ink is pressed and stained onto a a piece of paper...just word document! That tap tap tap is so loving! I was given my Opis' type writer when he passed away and every morning i tap the keys and think about him! One of my favorite places in Vancouver is the Regional Assembly of Text! Its an adorable little type shop on main street and on the first thursday of every monday Brandy serves Tea and cookies and invites anyone to sit and type letters, poems, notes, quotes, letters of love, memos... anything! You can tell when someone is getting really into a letter when the typing gets more agressive.... or when theres a silence and a point to ponder before making it official! haha She brings out all her vintage machines and supplies paper and envelopes! Its wonderful!!

Great Shop! You'll fall in love with everything! Even the Saint James Stripped socks!

KATIE lets make sweaters like this when you come home!

Alright... so i broke down. After my friend told me of a mental breakdown she had when visiting the new Sephora, having to force herself out of the store with in 20 minutes, i told myself i would never go inside! however.... like chocolate i gave in! I GAVE IN! i told myself my make-up bag is full and there is no room for "glitters and gold!"...but once i entered the glossy doors i reached a mecca of make up! The perfect blushes (rightfully named Orgasm by Nars), mascara that turns your lashes into velvet (Texas lash by Cargo), and the god sent eyeshadow (skinny Jean cream shadow by Benifit)! This is just the beginning of a fabulous year!

Brilliant! I'm not one to fork out my savings for a pair of J Brand denim dreams, nor do I opt to cheap out on old navy rag tags.... but I have found the perfect Jeans for me! I inherited my a bottom from my german roots and frankly the cheap mondays everyone is raving about (one because they are so cheap, and two because the come in wicked colores) do not fit to my figure. however after a trip to new york last spring i grabbed a pair of MADEWELL jeans! PErfect! They are awesome! Those jeans and a thunderstore made my trip! XO i love new york!

August 05, 2009

Lets go for Coffee! These are a few of my personal favourite places to sit enjoy a latte and re-read winnie the Pooh!

1938 commercial drive

100% fair trade organic beans! This place is filled with stylish folk! Wi fi is a go-go but you need to ask for the password! I feel like im in SOHO!

Gene Cafe
corner of Main and kingsway

Perfect americano! Great place to set up the laptop and write a blog note! The music from the espresso clicking draws in a great eclectic crowd!

Finch's tea and coffee
353 west pender st.

Wonderful i am in europe momentarily! Brilliant Teas! Chalk boards in oversized frames and pleasant servers dance in this quaint space! The sandwiches are served on parchment and tied with rafia! How lovely!

The Secret of Scent Adventures in perfume and the science of smell.
by Luca Turin

Read this and discover everything there is to the world of smell!

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Vincent Park makes my heart sing every time i walk through the doors! I fall in love with something everytime! Owned by Lauren and Cara Stryer (lovely wonderful people) Vincent Park houses brilliant pieces for guys and dolls! Antiques from the duos parents Antique shop scatter the space (bird cages, fans, even a deer head)! Not to mention a fab photo booth in the back! This place with sing sweater then a meadow lark!

Melon Head! Watermelons are so great! Not only do they make great summer hats but salads aswell!

I had this for lunch and drifted into Nirvana! EASY!

Heres what you do! Look out Nigela!

Watermelon cut up into cubes (i like big cubes)
black olives with pits
feta cheese crumble in chunks
fresh mint torn up


This sings sweeter then a meadow lark! Little nest is an adorable cafe just off Commercial drive with the best coffee cakes and lunchs! I had a beet salad with grapefruit! I have dreams about it! They designed the space to be family friendly with a long table and a childrens play area! The cafe has a warm, inviting quality! Its so great to sit and idiol the children playing. It really makes one admire how open minded and inspired children can be!

August 04, 2009