August 01, 2012

A ring to be worn!

LOVE THIS RING!!! I had that I found this on tumblr and can't find where it was sourced!

March 20, 2012

Happy Spring

Hello Spring!  Spring is my favourite season hangs down!  Crisp bike rides, lilac trees and any excuse to get outside and enjoy the fresh air! Today is the first official day of spring and vancouver is measuring up pretty nicely!  Sun is out and cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom... just please don't snow!  Images form this great tumblr Downtown from Behind

January 31, 2012

Paper Moon

I have recently discovered Honey Kennedy!  Named after Jen McCabes grandmother the blog is all charm, wit, class and impeccable style which is what her grandmother was all about.  I came across a link a brit fashion line called Coleniom.  Honey Kennedy got a sneak peak at the upcoming collection called Paper Moon!  I love this look of sweet innocent collars and hemlines! The cropped spring jacket Im totally eyeing! Oh and bonus free shipping worldwide (i just ate converting from pounds).

January 27, 2012

Hello weekend.  Thursday was the beginning of my weekend and haha I have found myself burnt out, broke and lazy on my friday night.  I'm usually in work mode fri thru sun but seeing how the spa is rather slow these days I've been sleeping in later, going to bed earlier and making cookies! Oh and my daily thanks will be for all those years of Rogers points finally paying off.  Lost my iphone last night and really didnt have/want/need to be shellin out mulah for a phone but to my surprise I had accumulated enough points to get an upgrade with a rebate! HEllo!  So thank you for a little luck in my not so glorious day.

I made amazing chocolate cookies from Orangette YUM!

January 25, 2012

Yes!  I am so into this messy quick hair look.  As a gal with tangled, curly/wavy hair I love how easy it is to whip up something like this and look 'in'... hah I am inspired by all the blog talk of monthly hair makeovers.  I do the same thing all the time.... ponytail with messy bangs and thats pretty much it... I think I might try and be more adventurous.. perhaps tease it a bit.  

Yesterday was the beginning of an evening class I am taking on Mindfulness: Dealing with Stress.  I am taking this primarily to use as a tool in my profession as a massage practitioner so I can be more genuine and mindful.  I'm really excited to have this as a focus as it is needed in really connecting and staying true to each clients needs.   I've tried a variety of meditation techniques but have always struggled with dedicating time towards sitting.  Linda Turner the instructor as a homework project is having us take 2 minutes in our day to do something with real mindfulness.   At first I thought i would make my bed every morning... but I soon changed it to being mindful on my walk to the bus.  This is a path i take everyday and never stop to notice and experience things... because I am on a mission to get to the bus.  I will begin this tomorrow and see what my journey to work looks like when I am mindful (i need a new work!).

Take time to notice the changes in the season!

January 22, 2012

This morning I woke to rain.  I've always loved the smell of rain and the sound of it tapping on the windows.  I've learnt to set my body clock and not rely on the nauseating alarm clock.  Instead I wait for the perfect moment when I'm ready.  It's comforting to be inside where it's warm curled up under blankets listening to the pitter patter outside.  Totally at peace, totally in love with that moment.    Lately my mornings have been slow and stretched.  Work is a bit slow so I often go in in the later afternoon.  This allows me to slowly curl out of bed and take in a little moment to enjoy some tea until I'm ready for the day to begin.  I'm thankful for the pace of my morning moments that allow me to take it all in.   

January 20, 2012

Today I was a bit flustered... I find I sometimes get this way when everything seems to be going great but I know it's gonna come  down.   I look at things in a figure eight pattern its an endless cycle when things are bad they will always evolve into something better.  Anywho I just cant understand want it is what keeps getting me into this contemplative state and then as I was doing my little end of the day blog roll I noticed this little illustration and quote. Exactly!  I am where I need to be!  IN this moment what am i doing, feeling, in need of.  So to continue with my daily graditute I am thankful for the little moments that make us realize what we are doing and where we need to be which is right now right here!

January 18, 2012

SO beautiful!  I want to wear flowers in my hair everyday!  But today I am going to wear a bit toque cause its snowing!

January 17, 2012

I have dreams of sitting in this chair next to that tulip table!  That a great chair!!!

Love this brass book fixture with the oil lamp at the end!

So this image is a repost... I am somewhat ants with my decorating and I feel my kitchen needs something new.. I love the way these images are hung and im pondering getting some portriats printed from my files of images and hang them from a bungy coard like this.  Looks great! And Im also looking for 2 new chairs.. these would be perfect! 

This looks beautiful!  What is the name of that chair!?

New Beginnings

Well I see I have not updated this blog in a bit.  Begin anywhere!  Today was a tuesday like most other tuesday I get to hang out with my 4 year old buddy Daisy.  Before I take her to school we get to hang out and play unicorns and drink hot chocolate.  Being around her reminds me to take time to enjoy the little moments and be playful.   This tuesday it snowed and so we went for a lovely walk in the snow and had a mini snowball fight!  She is a beam of sunshine and a total joy to be around!   I hope one day to have children as wonderful as herself and her brother!  This year I am going to try and remind myself to take time and be thankful!  Remind myself of all the little gifts that come with each day.   I remember going to my dads house when I was younger and as we were having dinner he would always as "what was the highlight of your day?"  Somedays its something small and others its something amazing but they are all relevant.  So I begin again here with my daily thanks.

September 18, 2011

Yesterday it rained in Vancouver and although we saw alot of rain in July this rain felt different.  It felt like fall.  It came so quickly all of a sudden it was a new season.  September for me is a time when I get into gear... I drift about in the summer but the rain hits and reminds me to get going.  

June 27, 2011

not that i'm getting married or anything... but one day!

In the last week I have seen about 3 weddings taking place in various locations of Vancouver and so I can't help but day dream a little bit!  I've always considered myself a casual person nothing fancy but weddings are so magical I get all gushy over the elegance and beauty of somethings like these images here!  Look at that table! 

June 17, 2011

Such a beautiful silhouette.  I love pregnancy images!
I am seriously loving this look.  Nice through back to the 50's... I see this and think of La Dolce Vita!