October 29, 2009

chic flick

How fun is this! I would love to have that movie theatre/garage!
I'd watch mystic pizza, eat some popcorn and drink champagne all in the two person coupe!

word on the street

amazing chalk illustrations!

October 24, 2009

new video!



October 19, 2009

dance dance dance

nothing beats the lovely ladies!

ooh dear, my dear

you are beautiful where did i find you!
cut copy paste and i forgot where i found it

wouldn't it be wonderful if our closets could become condensed to this amount!
Just the best things you love and adore and your perfume!

cute as buttons!

so excited for the jacket season!

beneath the layers

October 13, 2009

Cat Nap needed!

Susan at the House on Hedges Lane, 1988
Annie Leibovitz


Darling Kate Moss with the Yves Saint Laurent Le Sixieme bag LOVE


costume nation

Halloween is coming up and i think i have decided on the costume of choice for this year


sail away

Say its only a paper moon, sailing over a cardboard sea
but it wouldn't be make believe if you believed in me!

This is a beautiful photograph! i wish i could drift into the middle of the lake and float with the day! Only listening to the fluttering sail and the waters ripple! Warmed by the suns rays! Sometimes i get so caught up in my day and wish i could drift away in a wooden sail boat with satin sails! Soft clouds in the sky would take all my worries away! But its almost enough to just look at the image and dream of drifted moments!

I love RED

I love the color red! i bought this amazing new red wool jacket.... secretly i slept in it last night! Our house is super cold at night but its just so pretty i had to fall asleep! Some one once told me you dream better if you sleep on satin.... for me red wool did the trick! Oh but i have never loved the color RED as much as i do right know! It so great!!! I want red SOCKS next!

Bottoms Up!