September 28, 2009

under the sheets... with keats haha

this was a quote my nanny told me she called her time in romantic period poetry class ahah

Breath taking work by John Keats!

obsessed! I have become obsessed with this herem pant trend! I want all my pants baggy in the crouch, black, and comfy! haha SO amazing! And they look so modern with flat sandles and a simple white deep V shirt! Luv!

ps... i shot gun getting the jumper from Value Vintage with the massive oversized pockets and herem pant like bottom! OH ITS TO DIE FOR! ...MINE! as is the name charlie for a girl! its mine on the baby name list! shot gun haha I for some reason felt i needed to have that out. I think there really should be (at this point im going totally off topic of the pant and on to baby names)... there should be a list of names people want so when a day comes way down the way the name isnt taken hahah ... i think i saw this in a movie and thought what a brilliant idea! haha random side note

I found these illustrations on flicker under La Robotique! I love the man and bear its called:LOVE.

September 27, 2009

....okay no splashing in these shoes! haha


please rain please rain please rain! I want my gum boots and splashes!

Style Rookie


This girly girl has a great blog

Eugene Choo

3683 Main St. Vancouver

OoH i just love this shop! They have these really great mobiles that hand in the window with little sailboats! Im one of those people who knows i will fall in love with everything and want it all... so i glare through the window making foggy patches against the glass wishing i could have the dress.... oh and those shoes with the dainty laces.. or cute sweater... and necklace and ... SEE!!! Don't get me started on mens wear. I fall in love with great mens sweaters and soft cotton shirts and shoes! Oh i love mens wear!

September 24, 2009

put your best shoe forward!


black attack!

complex geometries

I LOVE this shirt!

Some what better then the Firemen calendar... some what... haha

sing it loud, sing it proud!

ok.... summer is gone but look how PRETTY this is! I'd go swimming in all the falling leaves.
For the record ... fall is running a bit late. SO maybe i could do a last dip in the deep end!

September 23, 2009

WOW! 30 Second Soiree! That was so much fun!

PLUMS how i love thee!!

PLums + ginger + honey!

Stir in with a little bit of water!

Then serve cold with really thick Mediterranean yogurt!


I really like high buns!


They got married! Joy joy joy!

all these pretty things

September 19, 2009

Won⋅der⋅land [wuhn-der-land]
1. a land of wonders or marvels.
2. a wonderful country or region:
a wonderland of rare plants and flowers;
a winter wonderland.

Lucky Boy Sundays

HOW precious! These childrens outfits are adorable! I love this company for le petit enfants! The kinder clothing! Oh so adorable! This evening my sister and i went to babysit some children at a wedding! They were so cute all dressed up in there wedding attire! Puffy cotton dress with tulle and a soft baby pink bow and the little prince in white linen pants and a jacardi oxford shirt! So cute! I love these two because they are always dressed in strips! I think i am becoming obsessed with anything stripped! I love sailer strips!

I found this on {Oh Joy} which is one of my must read daily blogs! I love all the things she posts!!! ESPECAILLY this duvet! Crawling into this bed with a great hemmingway book would be so stellar! My little kitten Flo would curl up on the end! It is a perfect bed! WHich is interesting because i am madly in love with oversized white layered beds with to many pillows and layers of lovely threadcounts!

Soup Head!

WOW how great is this!

how pretty! Love the over sized flower pin!


Katies almost home! joy joy joy!
My dear little friend i look forward to our Breakfast club again!



hello lovely season of autumn! welcome falling leaves!

Hello Neighbor!

Welcome to the Hood! THese boys are my new best friends! On my break at school i keep looking for that coffee shop thats perfect for me! ...or the soup place i will take clam of but nothing sticks... the coffee shops are fine but nothing superb... the cafes are pretty good but ....then it was like the doors where calling my name! THis place is perfect! I will come here every day and have the $2 tacos! SOOOOooooo good! THe line up is crazy mad at 11:30 but if you come at 11:25 or earlier its great! Not to busy and you can get an order in with no fuss! Ohhh its goood, like reallly good! Authentic, spicy, tasty, funky!

La Taqueria Taco Shop on hastings go there!!

Salt Tasting Room!

Chalkboards and I melt! I just think they are so cool! THe menu for this fabulous wine, meat and cheese tasting room is all scribbled on a chalkboard wall! The wine i had was a spanish one! I suck at describing wines but it was a tart, sweet, yummy, smooth, beautiful vino! THe couple sitting next to us had a to die for cheese plate with all the yummy things your eyes craved to dive into! Definitely going back there! Do join me next time!

above and beyond!

Had a craving for some eggs... found myself at Finches cafe again! Sat next to the most beautiful german boys i've ever seen! They all had dark attire and soft rosy skin! One man had brilliant ginger colored hair and he licked his lips after each sip of coffee. They finished and i watch as they hopped on there bikes and road off down the street. ... just then my eggs came! I had a lovely lunch break! how could you not!

September 18, 2009

Im in love with this Bench!

How cute! Lets give them a name! Olive and Charlie! Happy and madly in love! They hold hands while grocery shopping. Their list consists of twos.... 2- oranges, 2- tomatoes, 2-bananas, 2-dozen eggs, 2-dinner rolls. They have boiled eggs in the morning with way to much salt and pepper! Oh she loves carrot juice and biking to the library! ... however she won't admit it but she secretly never finishes the books she reads. She always skips to the end! Charlie collects beautiful china plates! He writes postcards to his love Olive to remind her how much he adores her! They are very dear!

Carrot CAKE!

Oh no! I have found the cakes of all cakes... that is the Carrot cakes of all carrot cakes! Big, dense, smothered in cream cheese icing! Who? What? Why? ... what ever its to die for! Luna Cafe in Gastown! Oh boy!

My dear friend Jo!

Someone once told me that friends come into your life for a reason, season or lifetime!
My dear friend Jo is here for a lifetime! She is my best friend, my inspiration, my happiness.
The person who brings warmth and light into my life! You are wonderful sunshine!
Just thinking about you today! Keep shining! Happy Birthday

the more the merrier!

I can't remember where i found these images but i thought the icecream scoop collection is so cool and the tangerine pot collection.. in lOVE with!

Happy friday!

Today was like a splash of fresh cold water! Over the last couple of days i have felt the effects of the changing season! Fall is here and the with this comes crisp mornings on my bike bombing down Fraser St off to school, unfortunately my immune system wasn't up for this sudden change thus... i got a fever! Week two at school and i was stuck in the corner with chamomile tea and fisherman's friend! Today i felt great not 100% but almost and it was great! The sun was out, i had color in my cheaks, I felt great! This should be a great weekend! And so to toast another week at school so classmates and I went to this fabulous hide away wine/cheese tasting restaurant in gastown... down Blood Alley! haha

September 09, 2009

hot stud!

fancy foot work. Love the Louboutin Loafers

hello ladies!

Fabulous! New line for opening ceremony

September 08, 2009

take off your pants and giv em' to me!

I want those!!!

There's a little truth behind every just kidding,
a little curiousity behind every just wondering,
a little knowledge behind every i don't know,
and a little emotion behind every i don't care.

click click bang bang

jak & jill

lady in red

well done


the devil may wear prada but she also makes amazing cake

mexican chocolate cake... chocolate ganache... and cinnamon cream!
FOund on 'Beautiful tastes'


look at how precious those yellow tinted glass spoons are! Oh how lovely! Not to mention the peach creme brulee!

wouldn't it be nice

I just found this great new blog! This chic finds the most amazing magazine clippings! So brilliant! Check out this one of Grace kelly! Love! I thought this would be a lovely photography to say farewell to summer and welcome the lovely season of autumn! It is but endless beauty the changing seasons bring