December 17, 2010

I have to have a post where i rant a bit!  I am so fed up with men!  Where have all the men in the world gone!  I am trying not to be syndical but I am loosing faith in my generations men or the lack there of.  There is some kind element in these 'men' that is missing and it is the charm aspect! Where is the charm, the wooing, the take you by surprise! Call me old fashioned but where are the love stories!  I've seen the movies and I get it, hollywood has dabbed a bit in the dream world, but where is that spark, that gust of wind that really encompasses a person and makes us believe!  Men suck at this point! I am totally just ranting and I know there are some really wonderful men out there, but right here right now I'm totally at a lose.  Do i have to lower my expectations gentlemen?   My friend told me this brilliant story of how her and her boyfriend met and what there first date was like.  I was in owe and at ease because this was a clue that indeed there are decent dudes out there, but where!  It went along the lines of boy meets girl, boy asks girl out. Boy and girl go on bike ride to burriot place. boy and girl sit on the top of a building looking out over the harbour gaing at the stars drinking great red wine!  End of story!   I have hope still! Show me a sign someone!!!!

December 12, 2010

isn't this a lovely idea for christmas decorations.  I found this on one of my top 10 blogs Black Eiffel.

December 01, 2010

oh so pretty in pink!

Delicates are so uplifting!  If you don't own a pair of these panties or that Bra go get it!  You are worth it! Go out and purchase a set of intimates that embrace your curves, make you feel beautiful and help you realize you are a woman!  There is an instant satisfaction, a sense of mystery when you wear some stellar  under garments.  Maybe you have someone special who you want to show them off to or maybe you get to walk around all day saying to yourself "I am a hot tamale"! Work it and love what mother nature gave you! 
There is something nostalgic and romantic to a black and white photograph.   The contrasting lines, the shadows and silhouttes it's all very alluring.  Being a fan of portrait photography here are a couple snapshots I just love!  Enjoy and why not switch your film to b+w try a new perspective!