January 25, 2012

Yesterday was the beginning of an evening class I am taking on Mindfulness: Dealing with Stress.  I am taking this primarily to use as a tool in my profession as a massage practitioner so I can be more genuine and mindful.  I'm really excited to have this as a focus as it is needed in really connecting and staying true to each clients needs.   I've tried a variety of meditation techniques but have always struggled with dedicating time towards sitting.  Linda Turner the instructor as a homework project is having us take 2 minutes in our day to do something with real mindfulness.   At first I thought i would make my bed every morning... but I soon changed it to being mindful on my walk to the bus.  This is a path i take everyday and never stop to notice and experience things... because I am on a mission to get to the bus.  I will begin this tomorrow and see what my journey to work looks like when I am mindful (i need a new work!).

Take time to notice the changes in the season!

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