January 17, 2012

New Beginnings

Well I see I have not updated this blog in a bit.  Begin anywhere!  Today was a tuesday like most other tuesday I get to hang out with my 4 year old buddy Daisy.  Before I take her to school we get to hang out and play unicorns and drink hot chocolate.  Being around her reminds me to take time to enjoy the little moments and be playful.   This tuesday it snowed and so we went for a lovely walk in the snow and had a mini snowball fight!  She is a beam of sunshine and a total joy to be around!   I hope one day to have children as wonderful as herself and her brother!  This year I am going to try and remind myself to take time and be thankful!  Remind myself of all the little gifts that come with each day.   I remember going to my dads house when I was younger and as we were having dinner he would always as "what was the highlight of your day?"  Somedays its something small and others its something amazing but they are all relevant.  So I begin again here with my daily thanks.

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